Sunday, February 21, 2010


I got this card holder from my nephew's school fund raiser several months ago. Then one day I decided to hang it up, but I only put two cards in it to see that I had it secured enough. So I have been looking at it empty for at least a month. Well today was the day! I filled it with some of my recent and/or favorite cards. Now when I sit at my table and craft, I have something fun and inspiring to look at above my closet doors!
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  1. Whaaa I want one of those! Or two or three! Hhm wonder if I can find one online?
    Oh and nothin about that...just sayin'

  2. I like the "being able to display cards without poking a hole in it" aspect - very cool. I have a similar holder for my Christmas cards, but it's way too Christmassy for year-round use.
    I also like your mini clips on the ribbon display.


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