Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stamping Wedding Favors

My cousin, Melissa, is getting married soon, and we planned a month ago to make her wedding favors.  We made a few prototypes, picked our favorite one and set a date to get together.  It was a full day of crafting, but we got a system going and definitely started moving along.

I stamped, and Melissa punched and punched and punched...

Once all of the circles and scallops were done, we got to work assembling.  It took a little experimenting with adhesive, but once we made our decision, we were ready to go.  

Late afternoon we needed a little pick me up and broke out the licorice, but we did manage to stop for a delicious lunch and had leftovers for our supper break.   

We had our system down by this time - I did ribbon and passed the jars to Melissa who finished everything and boxed them back up.  What you can't see are the three huge boxes behind us filled with finished jars!

It was a fun day of "work", and I am looking forward to Melissa's and Jake's wedding in a few weeks!

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